Selling or issuing tickets for your events can help you and your organization raise money, but it may also prove to be a great way to stay organized and offer some fun perks to your guests.

You can set the price, the number of tickets available, the dates tickets are available, and even make discount tickets for early registration. EventsNearHere lets you control all aspects of your event; don’t be afraid to get creative with the ticket process. 

You can make event registration tickets for prizes, raffles, swag and more!

Let’s get started with
Free Event Registration and Ticketing:

  • First you need to create your event  to get started.
  • Once you have created your event ad,  select the link in the navigation bar that reads, “Edit Events.” If you have more than one event on the site, you may need to scroll down to find the one you want to add tickets to. 
  • You should see an icon that looks just like a real ticket; click where it says, “Create Tickets for This Event” to get started!

Events Near Here Event Tickets
and Online Event Registration

  • Free Event Registration at Events Near HereYou are going name your tickets.  In general, this should correspond to the name of your event.  This will help your guests identify the ticket and remember to bring it to the event. In the “Ticket Description” field, you can give additional information like rules, stipulations, etc.
  • Click, “Ticket Sale Starts” to bring up the calendar and select the date on which you would like sales to begin. Do the same for the end date. Don’t worry, you can change these dates later if you need to. You can control the number of tickets available by putting the number in the box labeled, “Number of Tickets for Sale.”
  • Click, “Create This Ticket!”
  • Next, scroll to your event and notice the new buttons that have appeared.  You may start or stop selling your tickets at any time. You may also edit your ticket information by clicking the “Edit” button.

The Event Registration and Ticketing Process at

Tickets and receipts will be emailed to your guests. Tickets will include the information you provided as well as a unique QR Code (kind of like a barcode) that you can scan using your smart-phone at the event as guests arrive. Note: you will need a QR reader app on your phone. There are many available, but EventsNearHere recommends a free reader that is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  iPhone and iPad users can download the free app here.  Android users find it at

As your guests or customers purchase tickets, you will be notified via email if you opted in to this option, or you can just manually navigate to your guest lists by navigating to button labeled “Guest Lists” in the header bar at

You will always know how many tickets have been sold and to whom.  Your guest list will include the email addresses of each of your ticket holders.

Additional Details about Check-in

Read about the online event registration check-in process.